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CodeFurther v0.1.0.dev14 Released

CodeFurther v0.1.0.dev14 has been released. It can be installed using [crayon-58c06a6af225e609965129-i/]¬†from PyPI. You may find you need to specify the version number when installing like so: [crayon-58c06a6af2271765130974/] The most notable change is the upgrade of the embedded python-forecastio module to version 1.3.2. This fixes an odd bug in the installer with Python 3 on Mac […]

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CodeFurther v 0.1.0.dev9 Released

The good news is that the latest version of CodeFurther has been pushed to PyPI. Please be aware that it is not yet ready to be used in anger in the classroom, as I need to get much more feedback. That said, I am looking for a small number of educators that know Python, who […]

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Example Code to Find Song Lyrics…

This simple code extract uses will search for song lyrics by a specific artist and print them out. [crayon-58c06a6af2f15545875031/] When executed, the following output is produced… [crayon-58c06a6af2f21451853045/]    

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Example Code to Display Premier League Table

(This code is experimental and in development at the moment!) I think the Football Data part of CodeFurther, really illustrates the code futher concept. By way of whetting your appetite, by the end of this blog entry, we will find out how many Spanish players, players in El Classico (The football derby between Real Madrid […]

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CodeFurther 0.1.0.dev7 released

The first publicly available version of CodeFurther has been released to PyPI. This means it can be installed using the following command: pip install codefurther The source code can be found here, and the documentation is here.

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Presentation to Solent Cas 28th January 2015

I was recently asked to give a talk to the Solent CAS Hub about CodeFurther. It went down very well, and I got lots of good feedback. The slides are embedded below:

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